Nonton Film The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer (2014)

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Nonton Film The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer : Robert McCall lives a quiet, routine life in Boston, working at a Home Mart hardware store. He helps his coworker Ralphie train to become a security guard, and often spends late nights reading at a diner where he befriends Alina, a teenage prostitute trafficked by the Russian mafia. When Alina is badly beaten by her pimp, Slavi, McCall visits her in the hospital and questions her friend, Mandy. He goes to Slavi’s restaurant and offers to buy Alina’s freedom, but Slavi refuses, leading Robert to expertly kill him and his men in a matter of seconds.

Slavi’s boss, powerful kingpin Vladimir Pushkin, sends his enforcer Teddy Rensen to find and eliminate the culprit. Rensen is reluctantly assisted by Frank Masters, a police detective on Pushkin’s payroll, and viciously beats a rival Irish mobster to death as a message from Pushkin. After forcing Mandy to tell him about meeting McCall, Rensen kills her, and finds security footage of McCall entering the restaurant. Meanwhile, McCall continues to take the law into his own hands, intimidating a pair of corrupt cops into returning the money they extorted from Ralphie’s mother and other business owners. After he and his coworker Jenny are robbed at gunpoint, McCall dispenses his own justice to the thief and anonymously returns Jenny’s stolen ring.

Rensen tracks down McCall at his apartment, unsuccessfully posing as a police officer. He later tries to abduct him, but McCall escapes and leaves a fake paper trail for Rensen and Masters, watching on hidden cameras as they search his apartment. McCall’s old friend and DIA colleague Susan Plummer informs him that Slavi’s crew was the East Coast hub of Pushkin’s criminal operations, and “Teddy Rensen” is Nicolai Itchenko, a Spetsnaz-trained former member of the Russian secret police.

McCall tortures Masters for information with exhaust from his own car, and forces him to help shut down one of Pushkin’s money-laundering warehouses, leaving him to be arrested with Pushkin’s men and millions in illicit cash. McCall obtains Masters’ flash drive loaded with information about Pushkin’s activities, which he emails to the FBI. He confronts Nicolai, revealing that he knows his troubled history. Pledging to bring down Pushkin’s empire, McCall destroys two of his oil tankers.

Nicolai sends his men to the Home Mart, taking Ralphie and other employees hostage. McCall kills the henchmen one by one with improvised weapons and traps, rescuing his coworkers, and kills Nicolai with a nail gun. Three days later, McCall confronts Pushkin at his Moscow mansion, killing his guards and tricking him into electrocuting himself. Returning home, McCall is thanked by Alina, who has started a new life with money he anonymously left her. Inspired to continue using his skills to help people in need, McCall posts an online advertisement as The Equalizer.

Nonton The Equalizer (2014)
Nonton The Equalizer (2014) Movie
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Duration: 132 Min
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