Don’t Look Up (2021)

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Nonton Film Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up : Kate Dibiasky, a Michigan State University astronomy Ph.D. candidate, discovers a previously unknown comet. Her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, confirms that it will collide with the Earth in about six months and is large enough to cause a planet-wide extinction event. NASA confirms the findings, and their Planetary Defense Coordination Office head, Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe, accompanies Dibiasky and Mindy to present their findings to the White House. They are met with apathy from President Janie Orlean and her son and Chief of Staff Jason.

Oglethorpe urges Dibiasky and Mindy to leak the news to the media, and they do so on a morning talk show. When hosts Jack Bremmer and Brie Evantee treat the topic frivolously, Dibiasky loses her composure and rants about the threat. Mindy, on the other hand, receives public approval for his looks. Actual news about the comet’s threat receives little public attention, and the danger is denied by Orlean’s NASA Director Jocelyn Calder, a top donor to Orlean with no background in astronomy. When news of Orlean’s sex scandal with her Supreme Court nominee Sheriff Conlon is revealed, she distracts from the bad publicity by finally confirming the threat and announcing a project to strike and divert the comet using nuclear weapons.

The mission successfully launches, but Orlean abruptly aborts it when Peter Isherwell, the billionaire CEO of BASH Cellular and another top donor, discovers that the comet contains trillions of dollars worth of rare-earth elements. The White House agrees to commercially exploit the comet by fragmenting and recovering it from the ocean, using technology proposed by BASH in a scheme that has not undergone peer review. Orlean sidelines Dibiasky and Oglethorpe while hiring Mindy as the National Science Advisor. Dibiasky tries to mobilize public opposition to the scheme but gives up under threat from Orlean’s administration. Mindy becomes a prominent voice advocating for the comet’s commercial opportunities and begins an affair with Evantee.

World opinion is divided among people who believe the comet is a severe threat, those who decry alarmism and believe that mining a destroyed comet will create jobs, and those who deny that the comet even exists. When Dibiasky returns home to Illinois, her parents kick her out of the house, and she begins a relationship with a young man named Yule, a shoplifter she meets at her retail job. After Mindy’s wife confronts him about his infidelity, she returns to Michigan without him. Mindy questions whether Isherwell’s technology will be able to break apart the comet, angering the billionaire. Becoming frustrated with the administration, Mindy finally snaps and rants on live television, criticizing Orlean for downplaying the impending apocalypse and questioning humanity’s indifference.

Cut off from the administration, Mindy reconciles with Dibiasky as the comet becomes visible from Earth. Mindy, Dibiasky, and Oglethorpe organize a protest campaign on social media, telling people to “Just Look Up” and call on other countries to conduct comet interception operations. At the same time, Orlean starts an anti-campaign telling people, “Don’t Look Up.” Orlean cuts Russia, India, and China out of the comet-mining deal, so they prepare a joint effort to deflect the comet, only for their spacecraft to explode. BASH’s attempt at breaking the comet apart also goes awry, and everyone realizes that humanity is doomed.

Isherwell, Orlean, and others in their elite circle board a sleeper spaceship designed to find an Earth-like planet, inadvertently leaving Jason behind. Orlean offers Mindy two places on the ship, but he declines, choosing to spend a final evening with his friends and family. As expected, the comet strikes off the coast of Chile, causing a worldwide disaster and triggering an extinction-level event. The shockwave strikes Mindy’s house, killing everyone inside.

In a mid-credits scene, the 2,000 people who left Earth before the comet’s impact land on a lush alien planet 22,740 years later, ending their cryogenic sleep. They exit their spacecraft, naked and admiring the habitable world. Orlean is suddenly killed by a bird-like predator, one of a pack that surrounds the planetary newcomers.

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Tagline:Based on truly possible events.
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